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Acting on behalf of the town bank, which owns the local theater, Winfield asks the production's lead actress to delete a scene suggesting an extra-marital affair. The actress, a French faux-sophisticate, observes that the play had been performed in larger cities without complaint.
Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) leader Naoto Kan said Monday he will respond soon to allegations that he had an extra-marital affair with a former TV newscaster.
Summary: Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)[India], June 15 (ANI): A man was here for allegedly killing two children over suspicion that his wife had an extra-marital affair, the police said on Saturday.
Rising star Felicity Jones puts the cream of British acting talent in the shade in this staid but sturdy period drama concerning Charles Dickens'secret extra-marital affair. Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas may be the big draws, but it's Birmingham-born Jones who's the scene-stealer.
She has been staying at the billionaire sportsman's home for the past few days while he deals with a string of extra-marital affair claims that surfaced after he crashed his car outside his home.
Which would-be Tory MP has survived an attempt by local activists to drop her as a general election candidate in a row over an extra-marital affair? ANSWERS 3.
CONSERVATIVE activists last night decided not to deselect general election candidate Elizabeth Truss following a row over her extra-marital affair.
A CONSERVATIVE general election candidate last night avoided being deselected after a row about an extra-marital affair. The South West Norfolk Conservative Association decided to keep Elizabeth Truss as their candidate.
Now, as anyone who really knows me can tell you, I'm not the sort of person who would go about having an extra-marital affair. In fact there's a perfectly sensible explanation.
According to the lawyers surveyed, the cited reason for marital breakdowns in the UK in nearly one third (32 per cent) of cases was due to one partner having an extra-marital affair during 2006, up from 29 per cent in 2005 and 27 per cent in 2004.
ATTORNEY General Lord Goldsmith last night admitted to having an extra-marital affair with a leading Midland barrister.
Or my wife has engaged in extra-marital affair and has brought the child home?

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