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This suggests that ITCs facilitate MeHg-GSH adduct formation and excretion into the extracellular space via an Nrf2-dependent pathway.
Any patient with edema especially needs the intracellular electrolytes potassium and magnesium to keep water inside the cells rather than in the extracellular space.
The A type particles after acquiring a membranous envelope were budded off into the extracellular space as B type particles (Fig.
By clearing intracellular proteins, the drug prevents their accumulation in pathological inclusions called Lewy bodies and/or tangles, and also prevents amyloid secretion into the extracellular space between neurons, so proteins do not form toxic clumps or plaques in the brain," says the study's senior investigator, neuroscientist Charbel E-H Moussa, MB, PhD.
By reversing the relative concentrations, it can also be used to introduce a substance into the extracellular space, for example a precise dose of medicine in a tightly targeted tissue.
The breakdown of cell membranes and muscle hydrolysis causes the release of electrolytes and water into extracellular space, therefore decreasing the phase angle (area of decreasing slope in Fig.
About 40 percent of albumin is present in the plasma, and the other 60 percent is found in extracellular space.
The analysis showed that the chemically fixed brain was much smaller in volume, showing a significant loss of extracellular space -- the space around neurons.
8) There is a primary perturbation in collagen metabolism resulting in the deposition of hyalin material in blood vessel walls and extracellular spaces.
We particularly noted lesions in the central system of moose that were characterized by nonpurulent meningo-encephalitis, edema, perivasculitis in extracellular spaces, and focal ischaemic necrosis because of thrombosis of small vessels.
Tissue macrophages in the localized areas ingest the escaped particles, degrade them to lipids, and release the lipids into extracellular spaces.

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