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That which is done, given, or effected outside the course of regular judicial proceedings. Not founded upon, or unconnected with, the action of a court of law, as in extrajudicial evidence or an extrajudicial oath.

That which, though done in the course of regular judicial proceedings, is unnecessary to such proceedings, or interpolated, or beyond their scope, as in an extrajudicial opinion.

An extrajudicial statement is an out-of-court utterance, either written or oral. When offered into court as evidence, it is subject to the Hearsay rule and its exceptions.

An extrajudicial oath is one that is not taken during judicial proceedings but taken formally before a proper officer or magistrate, such as a Notary Public.


adj. referring to actions outside the judicial (court) system, such as an extralegal confession, which, if brought in as evidence, may be recognized by the judge during a trial.


outside the ordinary course of legal proceedings, hence an extrajudicial settlement is one reached outside of the court.

EXTRAJUDICIAL. That which does not belong to the judge or his jurisdiction, notwithstanding which he takes. cognizance of it. Extrajudicial judgments and acts are absolutely void. Vide Coram non judice, and Merl. Repert. mots Exces de Pouvoir.

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Illegal violence in Chechnya, including extrajudicial punishments, has been openly established by its rulers.
They report disappearances, torture, detention without charge or trial, attacks on journalists and human rights defenders, violent crackdown on protests, extrajudicial punishments, intimidation and harassment, including sexual harassment and rape at the hands of the military, as well as impunity for perpetrators.
Failure to comply with an order to work is punishable with a fine or imprisonment, while extrajudicial punishments and reprisals range from money demands to physical abuse, beatings, torture, rape and murder, it said.