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EXTRAVAGANTES, canon law. This is the name given to the constitutions of the popes posterior to the Clementines; they are thus called quasi vagantes extra corpus juris, to express that they were out of the canonical law, which at first contained only the decrees of Gratian; afterwards the decretals of Gregory IX., the sexte of Boniface. VIII., the Clementines, and at last the extravagantes were added to it. There are the extravagantes of John XXII., and the common 'extravagantes.' The first contain twenty epistles, decretals or constitutions of that pope, divided under fifteen titles, without any subdivision into books. The others are epistles, decretals or constitutions of the popes who occupied the holy see, either before or after John XXII. they are divided into books like the decretals.

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He characteristically complains that "Yf the byshop of Romes lawes, decrees decretals, extravagantes, clementines and other suche dregges of the devyll, yea yf Heytesburyes sophismes, Porphyryes universals, Aristotles olde logyckes and Dunses dyvynyte, wyth such other lowly legerdemaynes, and frutes of the bottomlesse pytte, had leaped out of our libraries, and so becomen coverynges for bokes comminge from the foren nacyons, we might wele have ben therwith contented.
John's bull does not appear in the two canonical collections that completed the Corpus iuris canonici and that included John's Extravagantes.
Pour sa part Ali, le mari de Salwa, a dE[umlaut]crit au Jourdain les obstacles qu'il avait rencontrE[umlaut] avant de trouver le fameux moyen de transport pour sortir de SaE[macron]da: " Il a fallu marchander des jours avec plusieurs chauffeurs qui demandaient des sommes extravagantes rien que pour nous transporter vers une autre ville libanaise.
A ambicao naturalmente despertou o desejo de realizar prontamente e sem muito trabalho, uma grande fortuna, abrasou muitos espiritos; as empresas para melhoramentos reais, necessarios, e que em quadra mais ou menos remota darao razoavel remuneracao aos capitais nela empregados, seguiram-se concepcoes extravagantes, sem base, sem estudos previos, sem probabilidades sequer de exito; procurava-se, apenas, um pretexto para operacoes puramente aleatorias.
In time collections of the decrees of Popes Boniface VIII, Clement V, John XXII were added and finally a book entitled Extravagantes communes, a collections of decrees of various popes between 1261 and 1471.
See the Latin text in Extravagantes Iohannis XXII, ed.
En versos extravagantes, presenta la extension del imperio del producto antillano al mundo real e imaginario: