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High velocity gunshot injuries to the extremeties management on and off the battlefield.
The hands remained on waist throughout both jumping tests to avoid upper extremeties contribution to the jump height.
For those over 60, it is advisable to wear stockings that improve blood circulation in the extremeties.
Fibromyxoid subtype is rare and typically presents in the extremeties of elderly people.
Dana Pierce revealed that the county was being tasked to look into allegations that Howard whipped his six-year-old son with a belt buckle that left bruises on the boy's extremeties.
Prior easing of the extremeties of the rate corridor had done nothing to reduce underlying funding cost in the economy - the 50bp repo rate cut this month will.
Early identification of patients with AAA, timely surgical management of co-existent impairment of coronary arteries, brachiocephal arteries and the arteries of lower extremeties, re-implantation of IMA and IIA, provision of surgery in favorable conditions help to decrease the frequency and the severity of complications dramatically and, thus, to improve the outcomes of surgical intervention.
I'm sure we won't be troubling the extremeties of the league table come May, but otherwise where we end up is anyone's guess.
3) Verma and Kapila from India conducted a cytopathologic study on 62 cases of subcutaneous cysticercal cysts; 24 occurred in the head and neck, 28 in the trunk, and 14 in the extremeties.
Getting the extremeties to stay where they were supposed to be was the most difficult process for the students; it took several layers of cloth-mache applied in various directions to achieve proper adhesion.
Entire leg swollen * Calf swelling by more than 3cm compared to other leg * Active cancer (presently treated or within 6 months) * Local tenderness along the distribution of the deep venous system * Paralysis, paresis or resent plaster cast of lower extremeties * Recently bedridden for more than 3 days * Pitting edema * Collateral superficial veins (not varicose) TABLE I: Methods for D-dimer ELISA Latex RBC Aspect ELISA cousins aggultination aggultination Neg predictive value ~100% ~100% ~75% ~100% Sensitivity ~100% ~100% ~75% ~100% Assay time Hrs Min Min Min Result Quant Quant Qual Quant Cost $$$ $$ $ $ Instrument needed?