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EVIDENCE, EXTRINSIC. External evidence, or that which is not contained in the body of an agreement, contract, and the like.
     2. It is a general rule that extrinsic evidence cannot be admitted to contradict, explain, vary or change the terms of a contract or of a will, except in a latent ambiguity, or to rebut a resulting trust. 14 John. 1; 1 Day, R. 8; 6 Conn. 270.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When the fraud is employed by a party precisely to prevent the participation of any other interested party, the fraud is extrinsic regardless of whether the fraud was committed through the use of forged documents or perjured testimony during the trial.
Meanwhile, in seeking the inhibition of the members of the Former Special Eight Division, Mendez argued that they had already prejudged the case by resorting to technicalities and making sweeping conclusions as to the absence of extrinsic fraud.
For example, having a long-term goal of improving your health scores due to your doctors request, which is an extrinsic motivator, can be accomplished by setting short-term goals that are more intrinsically motivated, such as wanting to run a mile nonstop or mastering a pullup for the first time.
It's important for patients to discuss the percentage of hydrogen peroxide with a dentist when deciding to whiten extrinsic teeth staining or determine how sensitive their teeth are, as well as fill any cavities prior to whitening treatment.
Modern day society has created an assumption that humans are motivated by acquiring more money and goods, reinforcing what we call extrinsic motivation.
The results of the previous study showed that individuals with higher extrinsic religiosity tend to be less ethical (Singhapakdi et al., 2013).
However, transthoracic echocardiography revealed extrinsic compression of the main pulmonary artery causing turbulent blood flow.
This objective can be realized by introducing extrinsic values.
Motivations emphasize intrinsic or extrinsic motivation as the very vital part of employee's motivation on entrepreneurship.
Methods: Flow cytometry (FCM) analyses of Jurkat cells treated with CSM bark extract (0-500 ugxmL-1) for 24-72 h allowed evaluating its cytotoxicity and ability to induce apoptosis through the intrinsic or extrinsic pathways.
The first was the opportunity to conduct new studies which look into the role of the Big Five and extrinsic life aspirations in the compulsive buying phenomenon.
The extrinsic and a-posteriori LLRs from each of Decoders 1 and 2 are fed to the SDR stopping mechanism block.