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The extrusion molding certificate is an 18-credit option that includes coursework on the fundamentals of plastics/chemistry and ingredients; the properties and tests of selected plastics; quality control; and extrusion molding processes I and II.
In the extrusion molding process, small pellets are heated and transformed into a liquid compound.
The die, built by EMO Extrusion Molding GmbH in Micheldorf, Austria, produces sheet up to 31 mm thick and 1400 mm wide.
Styrenic copolymers can be processed by all common methods, including injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding.
Extrusion molding system Yellow Jacket specimen extrusion molding systems are said to be ideal for quickly making ASTM, ISO standardized test specimens, color matching stepped or single level chips, and chips for plating, coating, weathering and painting testing purposes.