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Coltiviruses resemble the Orbiviruses in size and include such viruses as Colorado tick fever virus, Salmon River virus (Idaho), Eyach virus (in Europe), isolate S6-14-03 (California), Banna virus, Beijing virus, and Gansu virus (China).
The genus Coltivirus contains only CTF virus, California hare coltivirus, Eyach virus (found in Central Europe), and Salmon River virus.
Presently, the genus Coltivirus contains only CTFV, California hare coltivirus (CTFV-Ca), which is considered a serotype of CTFV, Eyach virus (EYAV), which is distinct from CTFV, and Salmon River virus (SRV), which may be a serotype of both CTFV and CTFV-Ca.