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In four animals, unclassified eye ball problem was recorded which were characterized by protruding eye ball and prominent and tortuous episcleral blood vessels.
Contents of orbit with eye ball were completely detached from inferior wall of bony orbit and removed out with all orbital muscles and short stumps of related nerves.
Once deployed, the Eye Ball captures and transmits real-time audio and video to the Eye Bali's Personal Display Unit (PDU).
The new division unveiled the Eye Ball RI, a "tossable" audio/video surveillance device.
Inside the car, instrument panels are backlit with white LEDs which also illuminate a circular lens for eye ball Speedo dials.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 16 (ANI): The teaser of 'Fukrey Returns' which opened on a very positive note not only grabbed eye ball of common audience but also cherished by our B-town celebs.
After clinical examination replacement of eye ball was decided to reduce further complications.
Eye ball hanger is a simple instrument designed by us in Department of Ophthalmology at Kamineni Institute Of Medical Sciences, Narketpally, with available resources which enables us to examine and grade the donor corneas of enucleated eyes using regular slit lamp and Specular Microscope (Topcon SP 3000 P).
But not all protesters chose to remain silent as some areas saw an eye ball to eye ball confrontation between the protesters and the police as the angry young crowds tried to pull down barricades.
Songs such as the piano-pounding It's Gotta Be About Me and bar-room bluesy Eagle Eye Ball are still good to listen to but no longer life-affirming.
Lee dwarfs the majority of fighters on the Mexican's 45-fight win list and when the pair went eye ball to chin - at a farcical press conference to announce their now venueless June 16 clash - the 6'2 Irish middleweight felt Chavez was intimidated.
Using new digital technology they can look at the eye ball to diagnose conditions like cataracts and glaucoma.