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Moosajee's clinical focus is on developing a Genomic Service for children and adults affected with genetic eye disease.
The people urged upon the concerned quarters to hold more such camp on regular basis so that the people suffering with eye diseases could be provided with timely treatment.
The DHA's smart clinic has also showcased a number of state-of-the-art services provided by the Dubai Hospital in the treatment of eye diseases for all ages according to the latest global medical practices.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 19, 2016-Allergan submits Oculeve Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator's application with US FDA for approval for dry eye disease
com, that offers information about diabetic eye diseases including facts and symptoms, as well as details around comprehensive dilated eye exams.
The workshop, held in co-operation with the Supreme Education Council (SEC), the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and various schools' administrations, aimed at training school nurses to detect early, eye diseases and the proper method to measure the eye sight of students.
Many common eye diseases have no early signs; therefore, regular, comprehensive dilated eye examinations to detect and treat vision problems and eye diseases early are recommended for all persons aged [greater than or equal to] 65 years and for younger persons with diabetes or risk factors for glaucoma (8).
8220;However, many people are unaware that diabetes can cause very serious eye disease, including blindness, if left untreated.
Kuala Lumpur, September 7 ( ANI ): The passion for food and desire to raise awareness on eye diseases has prompted a couple to literally create "food for the eyes".
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A renowned Iranian professor underlined the country's astonishing progress in curing different eye diseases and problems, and said Iran ranks first in the region in ophthalmology.
Richard Mills, chairman of EyeCare America, said: "Many people don't know if eye diseases run in their family and family gatherings are a great time to find out if eye diseases run in the family.