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And I think that's what we're seeing this morning with the hurricane that I suggested, and the eye of the hurricane.
The Beatles: Living In The Eye Of The Hurricane is available from Pritchard's Book Shop, Formby, and online at www.
In a sense, within the storm-like rapidity of success and tragedy, we are ever invited into the eye of the hurricane to recall with sobering maturity the greater ends and the greater needs to which research and innovation must be ordered.
The stock market was eerily calm last Friday, but we're really only in the eye of the hurricane.
Thankfully, the eye of the hurricane is to the south of Cancun and the tourists will get the equivalent of a tropical storm rather than anything worse.
Catching a glimpse of this picture before starting From the Eye of the Hurricane has an influence; it becomes difficult to read without a sense of sadness.
Among them, according to the office of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, are Rolf Stang's one-man Ibsen: The Quiet Eye of the Hurricane at Bay Ridge in Brooklyn's Leif Eriksson Park in May; David Greenwood's new version of Little Eyolf at Center for Remembering and Sharing through May 7; and Ibsen/Fosse 2006, a double bill, running August through September at 59E59 Theaters, of Ibsen's Rosmersholm and Jon Fosse's deathvariations.
Harriet, who met Ian on a night out in South Shields five years ago, said: "The eye of the hurricane was really close and it seemed to be at its worst on Friday night.
As it happened, no sensors were making measurements when the eye of the hurricane was directly overhead.