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EYE-WITNESS. One who saw the act or fact to which he testifies. When an eye- witness testifies, and is a man of intelligence and integrity, much reliance must be placed on his testimony, for he has the means of making known the truth.

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I was an eye-witness, myself, of the manner in which the Siouxes broke into your encampment, and drove off the cattle; stripping the poor man you call Ishmael of his smallest hoofs, counting even the cloven feet.
The effect on Mr Plornish of such of these phenomena as he became an eye-witness of in his faithful visits, made an impression on Little Dorrit only second to that produced by the phenomena themselves.
Eye-witness reports said the roof of the disused sports centre appeared to have blown off.
Eye-witness Shaunna Tweddle, 23, said: "The coppers came and kicked the door in and took the blokes out.
It has quoted an eye-witness as saying, "Bey and Kate talked about their kids.
Another eye-witness told XPRESS: "I was trembling when I saw the body.
An eye-witness con"rms it was to the top of the wheel arch
sci-Shot's 'limited release' of its brand new and unique social movement app is available now for users who want to be part of a crowd that captures, organizes, and shares their street images and video with legitimate enterprises seeking eye-witness accounts.
A shocked eye-witness said the father, in his late 30s, saw his son and two pals were in danger and dived in to rescue them.
Ahmed Samir, an Al-Dostour Party member and the sole eye-witness to the death of political activist Gaber "Jika" Salah was arrested by Muslim Brotherhood members alongside the police Yesterday
Speaking of the eye-witness evidence he said: "They all told the same story and all said they were buried deep around 10 metres.
Cameras were installed upon an order by a local Hezbollah official under the pretext of monitoring activity in the area ahead of the Ashoura commemorations," one eye-witness said.