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Simon broke his nose and normally you would be back within three weeks, but of course he has also fractured his eyesocket and cheekbone.
Curly Bob wants to boot your geysters up into your eyesockets.
The "white" Raby of "Evangeline" has a "torso" that has acquired the flat darkness of a "silhouette" with a face "like a mask in which the eyesockets had been savagely thumbed and the eyes themselves forgotten" (595).
You may want to add a little more eyeshadow, or add a bit more definition to the eyesockets to strengthen the shape of the eyes.
Yet here the textual plasticity is given not by the gravestone, or the epitaph inscribed on it, but by architecture and statuary: Rousseau, who greatly influenced Shelley's way of thinking, is presented as a stiffened statue with empty eyesockets.
As he lay in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, with his cheekbones shattered, his nose smashed and his eyesockets fractured, he was ready to retire.
It's hard to bear with you the orphan dreams of mourning eyesockets.
And the 19-year-old's ex-boyfriend needed extensive surgery to reconstruct his eyesockets, and required metal plates in his face, after a savage beating as he left Chicago nightclub, on Victoria Street, 18 months ago.
To complete your Van Outen eyes, take a brown eyeshadow, such as Nars Roman Holiday eyeshadow, and blend into eyesockets with the colour at its most intense at the outer corners.