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Michael Reid, who shot dead the bear that killed a schoolboy and wounded him and three others, suffered appalling injuries to his head and face: a broken jaw, fractured skull and eyesocket damage.
GINGERBREAD man Justin Ryan has a fly puff out of the eyesocket of his jungle outfit yesterday.
when Moishe Dayan, the Prime Minister of Israel, stands up in front of parliament or on TV with an eyepatch over his empty eyesocket, nobody tells him to go get a glass eye, or that he is bad for the morale of the office.
99); "The Secret of Eyesocket Island" (9780635062369, $5.
She is now waiting for an operation for doctors to remove the pellet from behind her eyesocket.
Somewhere a decomposing hoof Provides a plant with nutrient; That catalyst of putrefaction, worm Has in a loose skull made his home; Pieces of skin and contents of an eyesocket Lie here, altogether scrambled, And, condensing in the thicket, Only the dew drops glisten and tremble.
8 abr mitte der center of the eyebrow augenbrauen abr mitte middle of the eyebrow, on augenbrauen the superciliary ridge, above the supraorbital foramen sc -- undefined in referenced text * 12 supraorbital undefined in referenced text * 18 - oa -- center over the border of the eyesocket 2 superciliary undefined in referenced text * or2 lateral maximum curvature of the supraorbital supraorbital ridge us3 supraorbital soft tissue supraorbital ridge in vertical alignment with the pupil of the eye 9 superior eye centered on eye, at level orbit of eyebrow 2.
The impact-resistant polycarbonate lens features a dramatic "10-base" wrap that extends the lens around the eyesocket.
The 15-year-old was rushed to Alder Hey Hospital and put in a medically-induced coma after suffering bleeding on the brain, eyesocket injuries and deep cuts.
Justin Tipuric 7 Featured in all games but started against Australia when Lydiate was recovering from a damaged eyesocket.
Then Sergio Aguero's fist into Bastian Schweinsteiger's eyesocket, the cut spurting crimson like a boxing injury.