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This all-weather, multimode AESA radar provides superior situational awareness and interoperability to F-15 aircrew.
Air Force at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture resumed F-15 fighter drills Monday morning, base officials said.
The F-15 pilots patrolling the skies over US cities since the 11 September terrorist attacks currently have to relay any communications with commercial pilots through air traffic controllers because their radios operate on different frequencies.
Currently en-route, the F-15 "First Responder" will be fully restored and the centerpiece of an interactive, educational exhibit.
The new UTC Aerospace Systems F-15 wheels and brakes feature the latest in technology and industry-leading innovation.
In addition, currently Aero Precision was called for licensee of F-15 A/B/C/D Electric Power units and will produce and support F-15 Electric Power requirements world wide.
The ASDF resumed using the F-15s at six bases without having them carry exterior fuel tanks under their wings, but continued their grounding at the Komatsu Air Base, to which the F-15 involved in the accident belongs, due to a lack of approval by local municipalities.
F-15 fighter into seas near the prefecture's main island.
A Britannia Airways Boeing 757 aircraft en route from Birmingham, UK to Paphos, Cyprus had a 'near miss' with a US Air Force F-15 fighter jet on 22 November, it has emerged.
The LAHMP[TM] Health Monitoring System Recently Passed a Flight Test Aboard an F-15
Boeing, with its proposal of F-15 Silent Eagles, had remained as the sole eligible candidate after bids from the other two came in over Korea's stated budget, and the company was expected to be announced as the winner on Tuesday.
Partnership on F-15 aircraft spans more than 40 years