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He added that a prima facie case has been made against Nana Owusu also, only in respect of count '3', being the stealing related charge and the offence of money laundering under count 14, thereby inviting him to open his defence in respect of those offences.
A prima facie case requires a showing that (1) the circumstances of the children or custodian have changed; (2) modification would serve the children's best interests; (3) the children's present environment endangers their physical health, emotional health, or emotional development; and (4) the benefits of the change outweigh its detriments with respect to the children.
It is also against all British legal principles to condemn a party without presenting prima facie evidence to the alleged perpetrator and proving the said evidence in a court.
Prima Facie's product, Ananda, which means 'bliss' or 'happiness' in Sanskrit, is a shoe made from synthetic and water-lily leather, and is made to provide comfort to the customer.
Maybe by 'wrong' Purism2 means 'prima facie wrong':
Statistical evidence is crucial throughout disparate impact's three-stage analysis: during (1) the plaintiff's prima facie demonstration of a policy's disparate impact; (2) the defendant's job-related business necessity defense of the discriminatory policy; and (3) the plaintiff's demonstration of an alternative policy without the same discriminatory impact.
IN A huge blow to controversial ex- CBI Chief Ranjit Sinha, a Supreme Courtappointed probe panel has said there was " prima- facie" evidence that he had attempted to influence the investigation into the coal block allocation scam.
Cases are referred to the DG for detailed probe only if the watchdog is prima facie of the opinion that there is violation of competition norms.
The Crowns refuse to abide by the rulings of BC courts that the Gitxsan have strong prima facie rights and good prima facie title to these lands since contact in 1846.
Most importantly, the court noted that an assessor's valuation is prima facie valid, and that the taxpayer must offer evidence to invalidate the assessment to defeat the prima facie validity.
As per prima facie evidence, the police said the man resisted his attackers, as traces of blood were found on the walls and ground.