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It was also confirmed during the meeting that the FAI and the Scottish FA would be involved in negotiations regarding the staging of the European Championships in 2012.
According to Marilyn Geldzahler, FAI project leader, the outreach committee has helped design a presentation explaining competencies' importance and use.
The FAI agency outreach committee consists of agency members who support the information dissemination about topics concerning competencies and the acquisition workforce.
But the FAI process, once touted as a national template for self government negotiations in the country, stalled shortly after Phil Fontaine's departure to assume leadership of the Assembly of First Nations.
Michael, PhD, CRM, FAI Knowledge Management (KM) and the Epistemic Tradition July 1998/Vol.
Meanwhile, PFAI chief Stephen McGuinness says the body is waiting on answers from the FAI regarding the Athlone match fixing controversy.
We are happy to clarify this for John Delaney and the FAI and apologise for any inaccuracies.
I am confident that his knowledge and expertise will ensure that FAME will be in a strong position to respond proficiently to requests for innovative and marketing oriented events from host cities and FAI Air Sports Commissions.
Now the FAI would be prepared to go as high as EUR750,000 to attract the right candidate to secure to long term future of the international team.
ATHLONE TOWN players handed over comprehensive bank and mobile phone records to the FAI this week.