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ASSAY. A chemical examination of metals, by which the quantity of valuable or precious metal contained in any mineral or metallic mixture is ascertained. 2. By the acts of Congress of March 3, 1823, 3 Story's L. U. S. 1924; of June 25, 1834, 4 Shars. cont. Story's L. U. S. 2373; and of June 28, 1834, Id. 2377, it is made the duty of the secretary of the treasury to cause assays to be made at the mint of the United States, of certain coins made current by the said acts, and to make report of the result thereof to congress.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In this paper, both the feedback loops and control laws of HTRPM control system are designed by the use of the physicsbased NSSS control method proposed in [30-36] and module coordination control method proposed in [28, 29], which provide the globally asymptotic closed-loop stability through guaranteeing the convergence of Lyapunov functions determined by the shifted-ectropies of neutron kinetics and thermodynamics as well as the kinetic energy stored in secondary-loop FFN.
In the case of the networks trained here, the validation set performance of the FFN was better in comparison to that of the RBFN.
Table 4 presents the distribution of the patients that delivered within or exceeded the period of 14 days since admission in regards to the results of the fFN test.
For instance, the City of Madison, Wis., has worked with the local United Way and child care resource and referral agency to engage FFN care providers in early childhood development trainings.
A cervical length above 30 mm effectively rules out preterm labor and obviates the need to send the fFN swab for assessment.
In this retrospective cohort study, we used 1145 physician-ordered cervicovaginal fFN samples received by the Barnes-Jewish Hospital or University of North Carolina Hospitals laboratories between May 2002 and September 2005.
Louis for analysis of fFN. Following fFN measurement, testing was also done to measure levels of IL-6, TNF-[alpha], and interleukin-2R.
Utilizing its proprietary Loan Sale Network platform, FFN will market and manage all facets of the sale that is set to bid on November 15, 201l.
The merger consideration consists of approximately 1.6m shares of FFN common stock and approximately 6.4m FFN warrants with exercise prices ranging from USD5 to USD18 per share.
In the past year, the YEF Institute has worked with six cities that partner with local United Ways and other community organizations to improve the school readiness of children in family, friend and neighbor (FFN) care.
FFN is based in Oklahoma City and is marketing the portfolio on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which is acting as the receiver for ANB.
Articles in this issue include: (1) Creating a Professional Development System from the Ground Up; (2) Studies Reveal What Shapes Quality Care and Learning; (3) Illinois PDAs Open Gateway to Opportunities; (4) Registries Capture State of the Workforce; (5) Provider Standards Set the Bar for Quality; (6) Cohesive Professional Development Enhances Skills Across the Field; (7) Diverse Needs, Unique Strategies: Community College Fosters Student Success; and (8) All in the Family: Supporting FFN Caregivers.