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Funds set aside to cover future expenses, losses, or claims. To retain; to keep in store for future or special use; to postpone to a future time.A legal reserve is a monetary account required by law to be established by insurance companies and banks as protection against losses.

A trial court reserves a point of law by setting it aside for future consideration and allowing the trial to proceed as if the question had been resolved, subject to alteration of the judgment in the event the court en banc decides the question differently.

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v. to keep for oneself a right or a portion of the real property when transferring (conveying) a parcel of real estate to another. (See: reservation)

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Hodgson continued, "The combination of more complex target lesions, concerns about late stent thrombosis, the launch of new faster, integrated IVUS and FFR technologies, and the growing awareness that angiography does not tell the whole story, has driven IVUS use dramatically higher in recent years.
It shows that the peak impact of a one standard deviation (32 basis points) innovation to the FFR occurred 24 months after the innovation.
Given low-speed and small-deformation assumptions and the FFR method, the ANCF local coordinate system can be considered the float coordinate system in the FFR method, i.e.,
ALL, FFR and SDR were found to be significantly clustered (z > 1) across DB cartographic boundaries (Table 1); however, SDR establishments exhibited the greatest degree of clustering (z=34.5) compared to ALL and FFR.
The FFR values at each point along the vessel are color-coded and superimposed on the 3D epicardial model and cut-off values of 0.80 identical to standard invasive FFR apply.
Several scores that can be estimated based on routine evaluation with coronary CT, such as the coronary artery calcium score (CACS) and Gai's CCTA plaque score, have been developed for clinical use,[sup][1],[11],[12],[13] but few studies have evaluated whether these scores are associated with FFR. The present study sought to compare the ability of these CCTA scores to evaluate functional ischemia in patients with significant stenosis, using FFR as the gold standard.
PressureWire FFR guidewire measurement supports more accurate lesion assessment during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to help physicians make more informed treatment decisions for their patients, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes.
Assessing the impact of short-term interest rates on financial conditions is complicated by the Fed's QE programs, which kept the effective FFR essentially at zero from 2009 to 2015.
More specifically, we tested whether the percentage of all local restaurants that offer fast food is associated with the development of diabetes, and whether this association varies according to the volume of FFR. Our secondary aim was to assess whether BMI mediates any such associations.
Therefore, in this paper, we consider resource allocation and power management methods that reduce the interference of the cellular link and D2D link, such as the Partial Co-channel based Overlap Resource Power Control (PC.OVER) [17], and that use the frequency reuse schemes, such as the Fractional Frequency Reuse based Overlap Resource Power Control (FFR.OVER) [18], to improve the performance at the cell-edge of cellular links and for the D2D link to respond to a strong signal at the cell center.
So that one competent way of spectrum resource consumption is applying the Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR).