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An abbreviation for first-in, first-out, a method employed in accounting for the identification and valuation of the inventory of a business.

FIFO assumes that the first goods purchased are the first sold. As a consequence, the items that remain in the inventory at the end of the year are assumed to be those purchased last.



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Therefore, a comparison of the spousal resources provided to, potentially, one of the longest uses of work-related absences could be beneficial in understanding the kinds of support adopted by the Australian Defence Force and how these may measure up to practices in other areas, particularly in the resources sector and FIFO workforces.
Family studies have included Kaczmarek and Sibbel's (2008) work exploring the psychological well-being of children as part of a study on children from FIFO, military and general community families that found no significant differences on all measures of well-being between FIFO and non FIFO children.
In this respect, as is evident in the data presented below, the Mining Families Matter website and its chat forums naturalise a select range of fundamentally gendered emotional responses to FIFO working arrangements.
The selected time stamp will then be compared to the time stamp of the next event-message that the LP is supposed to execute (i.e., the smallest time stamp within n-1 number of time stamps present at the head of the FIFO queues of an LP).
Have a few ideas on LIFO and FIFO routing, or some other type of routing methodology?
reported that if it had used FIFO instead of LIFO, its net income for 2005 would have been $40.8 million higher (Exxon Mobil Corp., 2007 SEC Form 10-K; The Sherwin-Williams Co., 2007 SEC Form 10-K).
Much like FIFO, average cost is a preferred method for internal reporting because it's simple to apply.
Second, the cash that affected companies would pay in higher taxes on the recapture of the LIFO reserve or on ongoing operations under the FIFO method would not be available to replenish the inventory sold.
Volume two includes a variety of articles by expert authors concerning field recording, signal processing and filters, spatialization, computer techniques such as wrapped I/O and the ring buffer FIFO queue, music theory, sound design, and more.
TEPro-Fx28 integrates a 28-channel DS1 framer; a 21-channel E1 framer; a 28- channel DS1/E1 cross-connect; a 672 x 4,096 channel non-blocking DS0 cross- connect for grooming, concentration, switching and multiplexing; a message mailbox FIFO; a multi-channel HDLC for SS7 and ISDN-PRI signaling (3rd-party stacks required); MVIP and H.100/H.110 TDM bus interfaces; and a high- performance, on-chip RISC processor for flexible, programmable control.