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At relatively high pressures and flow rates for horizontal or vertical flow, the flow pattern could be mist, where all the liquid flows in small droplets entrained in the gas.
One way to reduce the changes in speed of the flow front is to tailor the injection-speed profile.
Using research findings from a wide variety of seemingly disparate contexts, Csikszentmihalyi has outlined some general conditions that purportedly facilitate flow experiences: (7)
The peak flow rate during November's flood--the largest in the Grand Canyon since a similar headline-grabbing event in the spring of 1996--is almost equal to the rate during the average flood that the canyon experienced in the pre-dam era.
Pro forma cash flow in the form of business plans, projected rent rolls, annuities, escrowed mortgage payments, etc.
It's well documented that nitric oxide raises skin blood flow when the body heats up, and that t.
On a similar note, packaging future life insurance company cash flows and selling them to the capital markets (life insurance securitizations) is creating a marketable security for the investor while raising capital for the insurer.
When metal is poured without any filtering device in the runner, a turbulent flow of metal reaches the gate before the runner is completely filled, entraining air in the process.
The design for ideal flow conditions assumes a clean medium with a viscosity close to that of water.
Cash flow is the amount and consistency of funds flowing through a business during a given period.
Those who seek to maximize their sports performance understand that the breath is the first indication whether an athlete is in a peak performance flow state.