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The test protein for the HDX-MS interlaboratory comparison was the Fab fragment that is enzymatically cleaved from Candidate RM 8670 (Lot #5F1b), which has the same structure as the Fab of the NIST IgG1[kappa] reference material, NISTmAb RM8671.
Compared to, for example, Fab fragments, smaller antibody fragments like scFvs are expected to provide better imaging contrast as a result of a faster biodistribution and enhanced tissue penetration [78].
Production of Soluble Fab Fragments. The recombinant plasmid DNA from the clone number 29 was digested with Spe I and Nhe I (MBI Fermentas, USA) for 2h at 37[degrees]C to remove the gIII fragment from pComb3, purified by using gel electrophoresis, and then self-ligated to build constructs for expression of soluble recombinant Fab.
We suggest that these four MAbs recognize epitope (s) containing the differentiating amino acids located in CH2 and/ or CH3 domains common to IgGl, 2 and 4 subclasses, but not CH1 domain, because our results showed no reactivity of these MAbs with Fab fragments of IgG 1 molecules (Figures 3 and 5).
More available binding sites were found when Fab fragments were immobilized onto a microparticle than when intact mAbs were conjugated because of the smaller size and improved orientation (site-specific conjugation through cysteine residue) of the Fab fragment.
The small size of the Fab fragment may potentially give faster kinetics compared with the whole IgG molecule.
However, in most digoxin immunoassays, Fab fragments interfere with various steps of the assay (e.g., binding to the tracer, and others) and thus give sporadically unpredictable and erroneous results.
Digoxin specific Fab fragments in the treatment of oleander toxicity in a canine model.
All these MAbs reacted only with Fc, but not Fab fragments of their immunogens (Figure 3).
Mammalian cells can express and assemble multi-domain proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies and fab fragments, which are increasingly popular as therapeutics.
(24) The other class of antiplatelet agents is represented by abciximab, a biologic agent consisting of human-murine chimeric Fab fragments specific for platelet GPIIIa.
Efficacy of digoxin Fab fragments (Digibind(R)) in the treatment of toad venom poisonig.