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Once it is claimed, we can move on to celebrating the women who, with just a few months to prepare with only the assistance of stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, psychics, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and personal trainers, as well as generous jewelers and fashion designers, must achieve fabulosity.
First presented in London in January 2002, Taboo traces the 1980s transformation of a misfit teenager named George O'Dowd into that international icon of cross-dressing fabulosity, "Boy George.
As D'Aguiar slips soundlessly from fairy to tall to strange and tells the stories that compose "Dreams from the Republic of Nightmares" - Red Head's visions; the slow and grotesque progress of a main road being paved as it approaches Ariel, Red Head's village, which does not want it; a bicycle race and the preparation of Red Head for a draughts tournament; a wrestling match between a government-backed professional touring the country as part of an election campaign and one of the uncles; and the consequences of that astounding match - it's easy to be lulled by the easygoing fabulosity of it all.
My life is all excitement, adventure, glamour, fabulosity and an occasional bout of intrigue to keep the tabloids happy.
For the very formulation quasiment, for all its fictionality or fabulosity, would already imprint the seal of some generality into the very singularity which is at stake here, that is to say into this 'one' yet divisible 'singular' or 'single' place or passage from which the other as Other (l'Autre, l'a-dieu) comes.
95 mini desserts is Houlihan's "Coffee Fabulosity," which offers guests a cup of joe plus sidebar--Disaronno, Baileys, Chambord, Frangelico, Godiva, Kahlua, or Starbucks Liqueur--for an additional $2.
Among her upcoming projects are a third flagrance, Fabulosity, a children's book and a Style Network reality show, Kimora: Life In The FastLane.
K) Jewcy Clothing Kosher-style fabulosity in a sexy little pink cotton thong
In Black Rock City, however, "bad taste" is not denigrated--even failures can be recycled into future fabulosity.