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The definition of the double superior articular facets (DSAF) is two superior articular facets on the atlas with each having an individual, clear margin for each of the facets.
That said, coverage for all facets of this lucrative industry - whether it be the product itself, the distribution process or the employees involved at every stage of the cultivation and sales process - can be found in the surplus lines market where a number of insurers are already making inroads.
The program article of the President Seven Facets of the Great Steppe allows us to rethink our historical past, to realize the importance and role of the steppe civilization in the global process, emphasizes the deputy commander of the regional command South Colonel Yermiyan Byatov.
The morphometric study: the digital caliper vernier gauge micrometer was used to measure the individual length of facets as followings (also shown in Fig.
Instead, there is need for dynamic struggle and personal fight such that in those facets where we can continue to make improvements and post progress, we actually do.
The radial circlet is composed of five similar plates with sharply inclined outwards, concave arm attachment facets narrowing towards the centre of the cup.
So the objectives of the present study were to report the analysed morphological features and metrical values of superior articular facets of atlas vertebra.
Amana Bank has become the official banking partner of Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association's event, FACETS.
Although in personality research there is a debate about the measurement of facets versus domains, many studies have shown that narrow measures contribute to the prediction of several outcomes in various contexts (e.g., Ashton, Paunonen, & Lee, 2014).
Both the target and the physically modeled sea surface are meshed by triangular facets for ray tracing.
Facet joint (FJ) is a part of the three-column structure of the vertebrae and plays an important role in load transmission and maintenance of the stability of the spinal motion.