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When deciding to perform the face-threatening act with a direct message, people have a universal desire to lessen that threat by some facework.
Her research suggests that facework varies as a function of individualism/collectivism, power distance, different types of face concerns, and self-construal (Ting-Toomey & Kurogi, 1998).
Facework behaviors were measured with an instrument that included 63 items, representing an adapted and abbreviated version of the questionnaire presented in Ting-Toomey and Oetzel (2001).
Teacher communication activities relevant to student motivation: Classroom facework and instructional communication competence.
Students' primary goals, attributions, and facework during conversations about disappointing grades.
For this damage to be repaired, the offender must engage in "corrective facework," which typically takes the form of an "account" (25)--a verbal-remedial strategy explaining the victim's injury.
The use of modality refers to speakers' attempts to do facework, by means of a tentative refusal ("I don't know") which implies that the speaker is reluctant to refuse.
While some research has treated arguments over policy or character as distinct (Benoit, 2003; Benoit & Brazeal, 2002; Benoit & Harthcock, 1999; Benoit & Wells, 1996), debates can constitute complex instances of facework since issue and image are often interrelated (Hacker, Zakahi, Giles & McQuitty, 2000; Hinck, 1993; Weiss, 1981).
Based on Ting-Toomey's assumptions about differences in facework between the two types of cultures, it seems plausible that the results of a plus-minus evaluation might be affected by the participants' cultural background.
Male facework, says Frileck, "is much more about what you leave than what you take away.
The challenge of facework, SUNY series in Human Communication Processes.
2000 'Subordinate's facework and performance and its impact on superiors' emotional, behavioral and cognitive responses' in Best Paper Proceedings of the Second Asia Academy of Management Conference, 15-17 December, edited by N.