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I went for a test and was diagnosed at lung function of 55 per cent, so my lawyer received a final offer of pounds 3550 for 22 years' facework.
Identity and facework have been theorized and discussed in terms of their role in successful intercultural relationships (Collier, 1998; Collier & Thomas, 1988; Cupach & Imahori, 1993; Imahori & Cupach, 2005; Ting-Toomey, 1993, 2005; Tracy, 1990).
This can also be related to what the sociologist Erving Goffman refers to as facework.
The findings they report here are the compilation and markup of the corpus, congressional positioning, arguments for doing the right thing, White House press briefings as a message to the world, the anchor on CBS and the news presenter on BBC, how British and American news reported the conflict, a transversal study of editorials and opinion articles, facework and impoliteness in hostile cross-examination, and government messages.
of Wisconsin-Madison) reports findings from a study documenting facework constructed and displayed in multiparty interactions among adult native speakers of Japanese.
They discuss academic literature on the topic, theories for understanding real communication situations, examples for building skills, how identity and facework are related, ways to use it constructively, and interactions in personal, relational, community situations.
Facework as a Chinese conflict preventive mechanism: A cultural/ discourse analysis.
Interdependent self-construal is positively associated with other--and mutual-face, and integrating and avoiding facework behaviors.
Similarly, integrating facework was preferred to avoiding or dominating facework in all cultures.