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Soft tissue facial angle, nose prominence, H angle, soft tissue subnasale to H line, lower lip to H line, inferior sulcus to H line, soft tissue chin thickness, and basic upper lip thickness were not statistically different by gender (Table 3).
GoGn, CoGn, Co-Pog, Jarabak index, GoGn-Sn, palatal-GoGn, facial angle, gonial angle, the angle formed by the junction of the posterior and lower borders of lower jaw, and U1-SN showed significant changes (Table 1, 2).
He measured angles of empty skulls and calculated volume by filling skulls with mercury, pepper seed, or buckshot, whereas his colleagues sorted skulls by facial angle and length and viewed them from the base or front.
Concerning the mandible in the sagittal plane, all of the measurements showed statistically significant changes between T1 and T2 (table 4); an increase in effective length and in mandibular body length was observed along with a reduction in SNB angle, facial angle and pog point perpendicular to N.
The symmetry, which Mr Grover found in a facial angle study of his own, is matched by most models, whose cheekbones are at an angle of 81 per cent to their nose.
Next, the postmortem image was scaled and rotated to fit the facial angle observed in the antemortem image.