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And they said the ruling set a worrying precedent under which UK executives could be extradited without the US presenting prima facie evidence - proof that there is a case to answer.
An employee making a Title VII retaliation claim must first prove a prima facie case under the McDonnell Douglas framework.
Meanwhile the second defendant Joseph Ikenna Emeka also urged the court in a motion on notice, to quash the two-count charge contained in the information preferred against him, as the proof of evidence does not disclose a prima facie case against him.
After selling the first batch of Ananda shoes, Prima Facie was able to donate 30 pairs of slippers to the children of Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, an orphanage in Paco, Manila.
The enquiry report concluded that the Telenor's marketing campaign for the above products and services was deceptive and prima facie violated Section 10 of the Competition Act.
The Statistical Standard of Prima Facie Disparate Impact 2398 B.
We are prima facie of the view that the report has not made a proper disclosure in respect of our order of April 7 directing to make complete disclosure of assests and in particular, the receipt of USD 40 million as to when it was received and how it has been
Note: The Court of Appeals here upholds the Viviane Etienne v Countrywide decision from the Appellate Division, which held in effect that a third-party billing company could establish a prima facie case despite the fact that the biller had no personal knowledge of the facts of the claim--but only where the bills were "overdue" because the lack of a timely denial.
Cases are referred to the DG for detailed probe only if the watchdog is prima facie of the opinion that there is violation of competition norms.
The Crowns refuse to abide by the rulings of BC courts that the Gitxsan have strong prima facie rights and good prima facie title to these lands since contact in 1846.
Most importantly, the court noted that an assessor's valuation is prima facie valid, and that the taxpayer must offer evidence to invalidate the assessment to defeat the prima facie validity.