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fact finder (finder of fact)

n. in a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution, the jury or judge (if there is no jury) who decides if facts have been proven. Occasionally a judge may appoint a "special master" to investigate and report on the existence of certain facts. (See: question of fact)

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Extraordinary Skyscrapers (Fact Finders: Exceptional Engineering)
The human rights organisation called for UN fact finders to be allowed in to the region.
over whether misconduct occurred will bear out only if fact finders
Another problem in most advisors' practices is the irregular use of a printed fact finder. Fact finders -- completed either using a printed or electronic model -- are an essential part of successful marketing efforts.
Bentham's claim that all relevant evidence should be considered with appropriate instructions to fact finders has been particularly influential among judges, culminating in the "principled approach" to hearsay in Canada articulated in R.
(107) In this instance, the Arnstein court recognized the translation problem for fact finders: even juror-consumers may need expert testimony that focuses on how consumer attitudes as a group potentially differ from the attitudes of individual jurors.
Studies have shown that background information provided to expert fact finders prior to an evaluation of evidence has a whopping influence on their subsequent interpretation and analysis of the evidence.
TRIPOLI: Libya's capital is wracked by shortages of medicine, fuel and cash despite "aspects of normalcy," UN fact finders said, as the top US military officer deemed NATO's air campaign at a "stalemate."
Droitwich firm Family Fact Finders is donating pounds 5 to St Richard's Hospice for every pounds 50 gift voucher purchased before Christmas.
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The Wealth Transfer Program includes sales ideas, client guides and fact finders to assist producers as they help clients:
Information fact finders on healthy eating were displayed.