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fact finder (finder of fact)

n. in a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution, the jury or judge (if there is no jury) who decides if facts have been proven. Occasionally a judge may appoint a "special master" to investigate and report on the existence of certain facts. (See: question of fact)

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Fact finders -- completed either using a printed or electronic model -- are an essential part of successful marketing efforts.
Bentham's claim that all relevant evidence should be considered with appropriate instructions to fact finders has been particularly influential among judges, culminating in the "principled approach" to hearsay in Canada articulated in R.
Since this paper is about the implications of epistemological theory for evidence law, the point it makes does not hang upon the psychological ability or inability of fact finders to treat evidence in a certain way.
Under the formal rules of criminal procedure, fact finders are required to apply a uniform standard of proof in all criminal cases.
The 'Explore The' series of Fact Finders guides provides excellent and very simple surveys of different environments: Linda Talgiaferro's TROPICAL RAIN FOREST (0736864075) pairs close-up photos of plants and animals with studies of tropical rainforest facts, her TUNDRA (0736864083) covers the plants and animals of the tundra through a working scientist's study of the biome, her DECIDUOUS FOREST (0736864032) covers forest plants and animals, Kay Jackson's GRASSLANDS (0736864059) invites kids to look at the grasslands and its animals and plants; OCEAN (0736864067) tells of shallow and deep water ocean life, and her DESERT (0736864040) tells of desert animals, plants and peoples.
Given the lack of economic data at hand and the level of destruction in the country, fact finders expected to visit Iraq will need considerable time to assess the country's reconstruction needs, a senior official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Monday.
We trial attorneys must present a real-life drama to fact finders with varied life experiences and attitudes who have come to the "play" merely because it is their turn at jury duty.
The stated value becomes the target the fact finders will consider throughout the trial.
The principal findings are based on responses to a 75-item questionnaire directed to principal educational negotiators (on both sides of the table) or other similarly situated individuals, and, to a lesser extent, on interviews with twelve fact finders and six Ontario Education Relations Commission officials.
Let us start with the basic purpose of courtroom witness communication, which is to convince the fact finder (judge or jury) that certain relevant and material facts support your claim.