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Because malingering is a diagnosis of exclusion, it must first entail differential diagnosis with somatoform and factitious disorders.
Factitious disorder with physical manifestations: pitfalls of diagnosis and management.
The purpose of this article is to present a clinical experience with subtle forms of factitious disorders at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC).
Schorrig concludes that the possible existence of a factitious disorder on the part of a claimant alleging sexual abuse "at the very least" has a bearing on the "credibility or lack thereof" of the claimant.
Factitious disorder is described by the American Psychiatric Association as "intentional production or feigning of physical or psychological signs or symptoms" that is not driven by external incentives such as economic gain or the avoidance of legal responsibility.
Regarding these neurological and psychiatric evaluations, the patient was diagnosed as having depressive and factitious disorder, which was considered as PMD.
12) Factitious disorder is characterized by physical or mental symptoms produced voluntarily by the patient, while the unconscious motive is embracing the patient role.
3) The symptom or deficit is not intentionally produced or feigned (as in factitious disorder or malingering).
Factitious disorder, also known as Munchausen syndrome, is an extreme condition that defines patients who intentionally produce or feign symptoms or disabilities, either physical or psychological.
Key Words: cardiopathia fantastica, factitious disorder, Munchausen syndrome, somatoform disorders
Factitious disorder by proxy: Clinical features, detection, and management, in Feldman MD, Eisendrath SJ (eds): The Spectrum of Factitious Disorders.