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Incident, act, event, or circumstance. A fact is something that has already been done or an action in process. It is an event that has definitely and actually taken place, and is distinguishable from a suspicion, innuendo, or supposition. A fact is a truth as opposed to fiction or mistake.

A Question of Fact in litigation is concerned with what actually took place. During a trial, questions of fact are generally left for the jury to determine after each opposing side has presented its case. By contrast, a Question of Law is ordinarily decided by a judge, who must deal with applicable legal rules and principles that affect what transpired.

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n. an actual thing or happening, which must be proved at trial by presentation of evidence and which is evaluated by the finder of fact (a jury in a jury trial, or by the judge if he/she sits without a jury).

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an event, occurrence or state of affairs known to have happened; to be distinguished from opinion or law. Facts can however be found proven in legal proceedings where they may or may not have actually happened. Facts may also be inferred from other facts.
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As that is not what it is for me, but rather the shape of a round Romanesque arch, factual accuracy would enjoin that she state that a tombstone is what she sees, rather than reporting her perception as though it were fact.
So it is with that knowledge of this region that I make this commitment to you, the reader, and say that factual accuracy and relevant reporting are our mandates.
Rather than respond to my comments your columnist embarked upon a personal attack of little factual accuracy but significant bile and animosity.
In line with this argument, the author of an article named "Factual Accuracy Is Disputed" said that "Baghdad interpreted this as a virtual declaration of war, and, in March 1974, unilaterally decreed an autonomy statute.
Factual accuracy has never been of paramount importance as they speculate over everything from a certain bloodstock agent's nocturnal activities to what really happened with a particular transaction or even somebody's eccentric choice of clothing.
Herodotus of Halicamassus is credited with being the 'Father of History' or at least of history as a record with varying degrees of factual accuracy of what happened in the past, written down to instruct readers as well as to inform them, in Herodotus' case, his task was to describe the long-lasting hostility between Greece and the Persian Empire and to bring to life the areas wherein this stage of Greek history occurred.
The question of how such a collective conversation will retain the objectives of fairness, factual accuracy and substantive content is the quintessential challenge for millennial media leaders.
Brooks Jackson runs the Annenberg Public Policy Center's award-winning Web site www.FactCheck.org, a nonprofit agency devoted to examining the factual accuracy of U.S.
The attempt to tell a good story must be balanced against factual accuracy; the biographer's judicious empathy for the subject, in concert with the data of that person's life, must yield a cumulative and consistently engaging and responsible account.
Portnoy useth, in fact, not a pencil but a Sanford Uni-Ball Micro with green ink, and the author of this so-called Dedication should be chastised for diverting from factual accuracy. [Martin Scriblerus]
Also, only six of the stations surveyed checked the reporting of these production companies for factual accuracy. And only six stations had a policy of dropping companies found to be falsifying the info in their shows.