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However, it suffers from MAI and complex detection due to non orthogonality in multipath fading channel.
Viterbo, "Signal space diversity: A power and bandwidth efficient diversity technique for the Rayleigh fading channel," IEEE Trans.
It is assumed that MAI signals do not pass through multipath fading channel but they pass through AWGN channel only.
And much more Digital Communication over Fading Channels, Second Edition is an indispensable resource for graduate students, researchers investigating these systems, and practicing engineers responsible for evaluating their performance.
We restrict our study to the case where the transmission system is over a slow fading channel with Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).
This method is not suitable for outdoor fast fading channels.
The channel model is constructed to simulate the multipath fading channel.
Further advantages of the proposed blind channel estimation are expected for a fast fading channel, for which it is known that non-blind channel estimation methods would require further increases in pilot symbols.
Other topics include an information retrieval method based on sequential access patterns, a parallel model of evolutionary computing based on genetic algorithms, a blind particle filtering algorithm in a flat fading channel, and cognitive radio spectrum detection in OFDM systems.
Simulation is done over a time varying Raleigh fading channel.
We consider signal transmission over slow, flat-frequency Weibull fading channel.
o] in AWGN channel and to achieve the same performance in Rayleigh fading channel the system needs 15dB.