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Significantly, Jesus recognizes the soldiers' evil doings as werk: "My fadir, that alle bales may bete, / Forgiffis thes men that dois me pyne.
In this group, I have found the following examples: in the name of the, inpe name, in the high haly gast, inpe name of my fadir, inpe honnoure of my modir dere, etc.
During the exposition of the fourth commandment, there is a poignant reference to children dying from pestilence, which the author warns may be a result of the failure of parents and godparents to teach children obedience: And [thorn]is lessoun schulde euery bodily fadir and modir and goostly teche her childre / And if [thorn]is lessoun hadde ben tauzt and kept in Englond, J trowe [thorn]e londe hadde stonde in more prosperite [thorn]en it now dio[thorn] / And it may be [thorn]at for vengeaunce of [thorn]is synne of vnworschipyng of fadir and modir.