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Fads such as business process re-engineering and total quality management can provide useful ideas and checklists, he said.
The many community college administrators who have somehow survived the rise and fall of "Planning, Programming and Budgeting System," "Total Quality Management," "Zero-Based Budgeting," and the other major fads that have afflicted higher education in recent decades will acquire a broader understanding of these events through his discussion of their individual histories.
A fad, by definition, generally doesn't last a very long time, but it's safe to say that the hospital bills and scars associated with scooters will far outlive the usefulness, not to mention the trendiness, of this particular fad.
However, though his writing is lively and logical, I think he would have been more successful in making his case had he described more examples of actual tipping points, and had he been a little bit more circumspect in comparing the tipping points of epidemics to the tipping points of fads, as the former are quantitative and more easily ascertained than the latter, which are qualitative and harder to figure out.
The lines separating fads, norms, and rational choices are hard to draw.
Thus, it may become increasingly difficult to distinguish fads from trends.
It analyzes the literature of academic management fads to seek patterns permitting the construction of a Weberian ideal type, a conceptualization "based on observations of reality that are designed to make comparisons possible" (Rogers, 1995, p.
Other current teaching fads include "developmentally appropriate" learning, which posits that education is a natural unfolding that occurs at different times for different children and discourages teaching them to read and write before they are "ready.
A fad toy doesn't have to be pleasing to the eye to be successful.
Because many fads come and go over relatively brief periods (half of those included in the study had life spans of a year or less, 71% two years or less), fads that make use of extensive licensing usually are those for whom licensing programs already are in place before it becomes apparent that popularity is building to extreme levels.
The experience helped Gordon clarify the difference between fads and trends: "You have to ask yourself whether the benefit that's making this product work is real and likely to last a long time.