Fair Market Value

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Fair Market Value

The amount for which real property or Personal Property would be sold in a voluntary transaction between a buyer and seller, neither of whom is under any obligation to buy or sell.

The customary test of fair market value in real estate transactions is the price that a buyer is willing, but is not under any duty, to pay for a particular property to an owner who is willing, but not obligated, to sell.

Various factors can have an effect on the fair market value of real estate, including the uses to which the property has been adapted and the demand for similar property.

Fair market value can also be referred to as fair cash value or fair value.

fair market value

n. the amount for which property would sell on the open market if put up for sale. This is distinguished from "replacement value," which is the cost of duplicating the property. Real estate appraisers will use "comparable" sales of similar property in the area to determine market value, adding or deducting amounts based on differences in quality and size of the property. (See: market value, appraiser)

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77-12 also states that these valuation methods "can only serve as guidelines for determining the fair market value of inventories," because "valuing inventory is an inherently factual determination"
The court noted that a shareholder's basis in property may differ from its fair market value.
When the mortgagor is solvent and personally liable, the outstanding debt is considered realized to the extent of the property's fair market value at the reconveyance, foreclosure or abandonment date.
Generally, a fair market value should be based on a thorough investigation of the business and the proper application of current valuation methodology.
IRS Publications 526 and 561) However, determining the accurate fair market value is no easy task.
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Many of these taxpayers underestimate the value of their contribution by as much as $1,700 or more per year because they do not know how to assign accurate fair market values to their donation.
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