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"Others said they don't use them and didn't think they were fair chase. There was a lot of discussion on this."
Earlier this year, Boone and Crockett launched the Hunt Fair Chase initiative, a program designed to call attention to the positive impact sportsmen have on conservation and combat negative messages spewed by the anti-hunting community.
"None of it's fair chase. We are humans, and they are animals.
Is the use of this device fair chase? One of the ways a deer has as an advantage in its natural environment is the ability to avoid detection when people are around.
Of special importance is the line "provided he has done it truthfully and well." To me that translates to mean that if you've gone on a special hunt, and done everything within your power for days on end to bring down that elusive buck, if you've done it truthfully and well, that is, used your knowledge and skill as a hunter to do it the right way through fair chase means, even if that old buck eludes you, the ground on which the hunt took place becomes a sacred hunting ground, and it will belong to you in your heart from that moment on.
After being beaten by War Of Attrition on his reappearance at Punches-town in October, he was only third to Kings cliff in the Bet fair Chase at Hay-dock last month, although he returned sore after twisting a shoe.
He runs a true fair chase operation, Spur Outfitters, which consistently produces trophy deer, elk, moose and antelope.
Among those values is the tradition of the "fair chase." And some people view the new decoys as being so effective that they're unfair.
That said, our gun-toting brethren also have a worthy champion in the Boone and Crockett Club, a time-honored conservation organization that is heavily promoting their new initiative, Hunt Right; Hunt Fair Chase. Their goal is to promote fair chase ...
Calling those who shoot game farm animals in pens "hunters" denigrates the sport and does harm to all of us who hunt fair chase.