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As many as 19 Price Control Committees (PCC) have been formed under magistrates for checking prices of the essential commodities on day to day basis in these fair price shops.
Aled said: "The FUW firmly believes that a Welsh dairy farmer who wants a fair price for his milk should want to see sugar farmers like Allan get a fair price too.
I support fully the concept of fair pricing and believe that farmers should receive a fair price for their produce.
Yadav talks about the proposal for a 100 per cent increase in margin money paid to Fair Price Shops, identifying eligible households to receive food security in Delhi and how digitisation has helped his department
Fewer than one in five people trust energy suppliers to charge a fair price, research revealed.
The new shopping site's proprietary Fair Price Curve(TM) feature lets shoppers know if they are getting a good deal online.
A WELSH sheep farmer and a Ugandan coffee farmer compared notes on how to achieve a fair price for their produce on a visit to a Snowdonia farm in North Wales on Friday.
Summary: The Energy Ministry said the fair price of electricity provided by private generators for December is LL390 for every hour of power supply for customers who receive 5 amperes, and LL820 for 10 ampere subscriptions
This fair price not only would provide decent financial returns for producing countries but also would not negatively affect the world economy.
But in a thoughtful paper subtitled "Fair Price Pronouncements and the Market Price of Crude Oil", Bahattin Buyuksahin and other researchers working at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission concluded pronouncements by Opec members including Saudi Arabia about fair prices have little influence on actual prices, and supply little or no news to market participants.
Sir, Alistair Smith is absolutely right when he says "67p per kg is not a fair price for bananas" ('Ethics: the first casualty in the new banana price war?
ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has set up 35 fair price shops in the urban and rural areas of Islamabad for providing food items to the consumers at reduced rates as compared to the open market.