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He continued to use the fake name on a tax return, but didn't pay the correct amount and as a result the real Mr Kessie ended up being arrested at Heathrow Airport and held for nine hours.
Caroline Rees, prosecuting, explained how Bekaddour was then arrested in May 2005 under a fake name after he was caught working illegally.
Libyan troops who arrested Seif al-Islam Gadhafi had said that al-Islam tried to use a fake name to avoid getting arrested.
An hour later, she bought a new cell phone under a fake name and the next day she failed to show up at another meeting with the undercover agent.
During questioning, the 43-year-old told police that her employer sent her e1/4500 while she was in the Philippines to buy a fake passport with a fake name, allowing her to re-enter the country.
Liverpool crown court heard passenger Paul Gallagher tried to give a fake name, but officers knew it was false.
The petrol station, in Leasowe Road, is run by a Sri Lankan family but they were not related to Selvakumaran, who gave them a fake name when he moved to Wirral from Middlesex.
The man, who used a fake name, was later identified.
Using the fake name Dr Taylor Golightly, she befriended gym manageress Gill Grainger and her partner Michael Jeffels, who had contacts at Newcastle United.
Knoxville, with the inspired fake name of ``Jeffrey Dahmor,'' can't dupe the mentally challenged into believing he's one of them, leading one to deliver a classic line: ``You're a mother faker.
Newcastle Crown Court heard on Thursday how the Jarrow jet-setter made numerous international trips using a passport he obtained under a fake name.
Kim is believed to have used the fake name ''Kim Ok Hwa'' for spy activities.