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We're here to outfit everyone -- whether you're a workout faker or shopping dater.
The Small Fakers will also be joined by Ali McKenzie, ex-frontman of '60s R'n'B group The Birds - the British band which originally included Ronnie Wood in their ranks.
One web faker even cultivated "romantic" online relationships with the sister of one of the Hillsborough victims, based on the lie he himself was a survivor.
Hardly a helpful attitude in the fight against the fakers.
Cornell University researchers recently commissioned and then analyzed 400 fake positive reviews of Chicago hotels alongside seemingly authentic ones, and found some telltale differences: Fakers were short on description and used 'T' and "me" a lot.
London, Sep 10 (ANI): With eight million shoppers buying counterfeit goods, Britain has been exposed as a nation of fakers.
Nearly all GPs said they had seen a patient they thought was exaggerating to get cash and 65% had seen more fakers in the past 10 years.
This fascinating book - remembering Petronius - evokes the world of fakers, forgers and conmen who can get you anything from a Rembrandt or a van Gogh, a Chippendale sideboard or an ancient Egyptian statue, tomorrow morning.
New Jersey), but his account differs from the many others by focusing not on the fakers but on the critics who argued over their hoaxes, forgeries, and counterfeits.
At present only a fraction of fakers and forgers are caught and punished for their crimes - which in turn allows thousands of other villains to escape detection in the UK.
Two experienced IAT testers who examined the results found it nearly impossible to identify IAT fakers, Fiedler says.
Durex has discovered fakers have been producing bootleg packets of its products and selling them on to unsuspecting retailers.