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And, no matter who these people are, we all rise and fall together, all of us.
Andy Burrows - Fall Together Again WHAT ATA is it with drummers this year?
ANDY Burrows, who releases his new album Fall Together Again on October 20, has lined up four tie-in dates including Birmingham's Hare & Hounds on Tuesday, October 28.
The pieces start to fall together when he starts coughing up blood, and it seems that he's been keeping a dark secret from everyone, including his wife.
As a sportsperson what I have learnt is to be very patient, await your time, and wait for that luck to come and everything to fall together.
As the story progresses, it grows more and more divergent, even as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall together.
The ending is predictable but when all the pieces that make up this enthralling retelling start to fall together, they fall together quickly, perhaps too quickly.
You split 32 selections into eight groups of four and the guarantee is that four of your best six groups must fall together in one of the six entries.
We are an American family, we rise and fall together as one nation, as one people," Obama said, adding: "For the United States of America, the best is yet to come.
Semiconductor revenue and capex rise and fall together, such that fab equipment spending generally trends along a similar path," says Dieseldorff.
Liberty has apparently deleted her Twitter account after cryptically retweeting the quote: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
There's always something immaculate about the way Hey Now Morris Fader puts a song together, of course, the way all the pieces fall together like clockwork.