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According to the study, Road traffic Accidents (RTAs) and Fall From Height (FFH) are the two most common causes of spinal injuries, accounting for 43.
FIVE West Midlands' workers died and more than 4,200 suffered serious injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall from height in British workplaces last year.
Statistics show that 14,000 workers were seriously injured last year following a slip, trip or fall from height at work, and more shockingly, 50 people died.
According to the Health & Safety executive, in 2003/04, 67 people died and nearly 4,000 suffered a serious injury as a result of a fall from height in the workplace.
After determining that the main danger for youths working on roofs is a fall from height, the Department of Labor decided to include these occupations in the ban.
According to the emergency data, he said that 12 per cent injuries were caused due to fall from height at workplaces.
By allowing its employees onto site without a suitable and sufficient planning being in place, or any physical safeguards to prevent a fall from height, the company exposed its own workers to those risks.
A CREWMAN who died in a fall from height onto the deck of his vessel a mile and a half out to sea has been identified as a young Ukrainian.
HSE figures for 2010/11 show there were 38 deaths, 4327 major injuries and a further 5867 over-three-day injuries because of a fall from height.