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Resistance 3 is easily the strongest of the trilogy, it has kept the best of the action from R:2 and made a welcome return to the style of Fall of Man.
Resistance: Fall of Man caused controversy last year for including scenes shot without the Church of England's permission inside Manchester cathedral.
Consider Christianity's war-horse slogan, "The Fall of Man.
They present our teaching on Original Sin, for example, as falsifying both the fall of man and redemption.
What joins these strange, disparate episodes is a contrasting axis of youthful curiosity and grownup cruelty, punctuated by a deconstructed Edenic idyll in which a black Adam and a white Eve play out the fall of man to a potently contemporary finish.
One of his most famous roles, of course, has been that of the great tempter or seducer -- a part he first played to perfection in The Fall of Man, Genesis 3 (if that was Satanin a serpent"s guise) and later reprised with much less success in the early chapters of Matthew, Mark, and Luke -- where Jesus turned the old boy down flat.
In the faun's fusing of animal and human characteristics he finds an allegory of the fall of man from amoral innocence to the knowledge of good and evil, a theme that had usually been assumed in his earlier works but that now received direct and philosophic treatment.
In Genesis, it was made clear that the garden was not destroyed after the fall of man but only barred to him by an angel with a flaming sword.
Based on the York, Chester, Townley and Wakefield cycles, the production tells the story of the Creation, the fall of man, the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah and the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.