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I wonder if Mr Cameron feels proud to be the head of a country where one of the most vital services (the NHS) is falling to pieces.
The atmosphere is frosty but Chas soften towards Aaron when Cain tells her about his self-harming and Robert warns that his ex-lover is falling to pieces.
I have just left a building on the Palm that was falling to pieces, the firm handling my rent was arrogant and unhelpful, so now I am facing these agents and their fees.
Falling to pieces is no way to go through life, but death is another matter, as evidenced by "The Revenant," an often hilarious living-dead comedy that just had to happen, given the current, hunger for zombies, vampires and other things that refuse to keel over.
Many people are very shocked seeing TNT falling to pieces.
99) receives fine drawings by Caroline Jayne Church as it tells of Pip Squirrel, who wakes up one morning to find his home tree falling to pieces.