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Mr Reid went on: 'Health and Safety law is regularly policed and rigorously enforced, and in view of the large number of fatal and serious injuries caused by falls from height, it is unlikely that we will see any honeymoon period given by enforcement authorities
This initiative aims to reduce the number of accidents in the construction industry involving falls from height.
Slips, trips and falls from height are consistently the chief causes of death and serious injury.
In 2008, Build Safe UAE, a construction industry association, reported eight deaths to falls from height at construction sites but a safety programs implemented by the member firms brought that to only one death from a fall in the first eight months of this year.
Work at height remains our biggest concern and falls from height will be the focus of inspections.
The risks can include slips and trips, falls from height, back problems, muscular and bone disorders and workplace transport dangers.
Health and Safety executive director for Wales Terry Rose said: "This improvement has come as a result of concentrating heavily on three key accident areas: construction, falls from height and workplace transport.
He said the majority of accidents were caused by machinery and falls from height.
Falls from height remained a big safety problem, but incidents such as the one at Morecambe Bay had raised new issues, said Mr Callaghan.
Falls from height are serious and are the major cause of fatal injuries across all industries.
She said, 'To this day, falls from height are the biggest killers.
Clearly, the message of how to reduce falls from height is not yet understood by everybody working in this industry.