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False flags are a US tradition since the mid-19th century, 9/11 the mother of them all.
The February 14 false flag operation at Pulwama could be a ploy to falsely project Pakistan as a terrorist state, an attempt made days before the FATF hearing took place to blacklist Pakistan.
John Altman's False Flag examines the costs of extremism, pitting two strong women against each other in a complex plot to wage global war.
The term "false flag" is common among conspiracy theorists and suggests the government has carried out an event for some nefarious purpose, but faked that another entity or government did the act.
"False Flag," which had its global debut at the Berllnale's Inaugural Special Series section and won the Grand Prize at Series Mania, will bow In Israel on Keshet Broadcasting this winter.
That's a classic false flag tactic, which was used by the Germans to justify their invasion of Poland, Sarmiento said.
On Veterans Today, a US-based website that presents anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as news, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon who is based in London claimed that France somehow deserved these attacks due to actions he claims were pushed for by "the Jewish lobby group CRIF." He also chastises France for "following the whims of The Lobby." He posited, "It is quite probably that this was another false flag operation.
Providing an overview of historic conspiracy theories as well, the work examines topics such as false flag operations, debunkers and their motivations, verified government misdeeds and cover-ups and political ramifications of conspiracy theories.
Islamabad, Sep 25 (ANI): A Washington-based investigative journalist- Wayne Madsen- has claimed that a CIA contractor firm- XE Services- formerly Blackwater, has been carrying out false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan.
These groups oppose virtually any effort to hold corporations accountable--and usually in the name of personal freedom, a seductive "false flag" for what is really corporate freedom.
Taking into account the fabricated terror attacks that took place in India from December 12, 2001 down to February 14, 2019 Pulwama occurrence and his deep insight into Nrendar Modi's mind, Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the international community against the likely risk of another 'false flag operation' by India to divert the attention from massive human rights violation and rain of terror unleashed in the occupied Kashmir.
ISLAMABAD -- Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday said India was going to start False Flag Operation in Occupied Kashmir therefore; all human rights organizations including UN should take notice of Indian aggression.