false information

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I mentally resolved to bring an action against Baedeker for false information. For what did I see?
"Very well, only do not give me false information as you did the other day."
"Suppose a person in a position of trust," went on the priest, "began to give the enemy information because it was false information. Suppose he even thought he was saving his country by misleading the foreigner.
The legal representative of the company has filed a complaint to the council, accusing the two websites of publishing false information about the company's activities.
How do we eliminate false information?)," Sotto said.
Pakistan's laws and religion did not allow anyone to spread false information as it damaged the respect and dignity of a person.
If Senate Bill 9 becomes a law, the Department of Justice Cybercrime Office will be authorized to direct individuals, owners of online platforms and internet intermediaries to rectify, take down or block access to content deemed to contain false information.
Under the bill, any person found guilty of consciously creating or publishing false information to mislead the public; using a fictitious online account or website to publish false information; providing his/her expertise to create misleading content; financing such activity; and refusing to comply with the government's order to take down the content containing false information, issue necessary corrections, or block users' access to its websites and social media platforms, will be penalized with imprisonment or fines amounting up to P2 million.
9, Sotto said 'false information continues to circulate and is becoming prevalent on the internet globally.'
He was charged with being in illegal possession of 507 bullets and giving false information to the police.
They had, among other things, prayed the trial court to determine; 'whether having regard to the information in the affidavit contained in the 1st defendant's INEC FORM CF001 regarding his educational qualifications/certificates, the defendant has submitted false information to the 3rd defendant.
The 39-year-old faces further charges of placing an article causing a bomb hoax at two separate addresses in the city and four counts of communicating false information causing a bomb hoax.