false information

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I mentally resolved to bring an action against Baedeker for false information.
Very well, only do not give me false information as you did the other day.
Suppose a person in a position of trust," went on the priest, "began to give the enemy information because it was false information.
A study released this past week found that false information spreads faster and wider on Twitter than real news stories.
On average, false information reaches 35 percent more people than true news.
He was found guilty of disseminating false information through his Twitter account by the High Criminal Court yesterday.
A screen grab copy of what the FDA is saying a false information.
This persistence of false information is called the continued influence effect.
A 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of communicating false information alleging the presence of a bomb.
She was also accused of completing, signing and submitting an Employee Leavers form containing false information which she knew or ought to have known was false in November 2015.
The DFSA found that, in July 2012 and April 2013, Parmar provided the DFSA with false information regarding DBDIFC's private wealth management activities, thus misleading the DFSA.
New Delhi [India], Aug 08 ( ANI ): The office of Congress leader Ahmed Patel, in a statement clarified that the complaint against him for allegedly filing false information in an affidavit of his nomination papers for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls, is bogus and baseless.