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36) In other words, Article 121 only encompasses and consolidates what were previously known as larceny, larceny-by-trick, embezzlement, and false pretenses.
Cousin was arraigned Thursday and pleaded not guilty to three counts each of making false Medicaid claims and larceny of more than $250 by false pretenses.
When trying to enter into netbanking, one is asked to enter one's netbanking login data under false pretenses such as new products and security features or similar prompts.
Receiving members of the People's Assembly representing the provinces of Raqqa, Aleppo and Hasaka on Wednesday, al-Halqi said that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger than before and will confront the west's lies of using chemical weapons, noting that the world remembers the lies and false pretenses used by these countries to misdirect the international public opinion before invading Iraq.
Paul, one of only six Republicans in the House to vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution, recently observed on the House floor that "preemptive, undeclared wars fought under false pretenses are a road to disaster.
Even more recently, heated debate broke out on Wharton's official MBA blog over the accusation that an international student in its 2007 MBA class had gotten into the program under false pretenses.
Mesa came to Hawaii under false pretenses, making false promises," Aloha CEO and President David Banmiller contended.
The bill defines false pretenses as making false statements or representations or providing counterfeit, lost, stolen, or fraudulently obtained documents.
Your reports and columns are a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stench filled gutter press reporting of the Scottish game, seen through Green tinted specs by the majority who masquerade under false pretenses as "Journalists".
As Germany prepares to host soccer's World Cup, the German sex trade is getting ready with new large-scale brothels and is expected to lure women from Eastern European and Third World countries under false pretenses, reports www.
Estate Growth Management of Traverse City and co-owners Margaret Florence Zimmerman and Gary Louis Singer were charged with nine felony counts involving embezzlement and obtaining money under false pretenses.
The former Marsh managers are accused of colluding with insurance executives to arrange noncompetitive bids and then conveying these bids to clients under false pretenses.