false conception

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The panel also included Rade Muselin, vice president of Florida Farm Bureau of Insurance Companies in Gainesville, who told the conference that the industry is continuing to battle the media's false conception that bad investments by insurance carriers result in high premiums.
I believe that Wendell Berry ("Two Minds," November issue) has a false conception of the human mind.
One good turn deserves another, and so it should not be surprising to learn that, whereas Clarke believes that the existence of miracles shows the truth of Christianity and that they should therefore be accepted, Leibniz believes that Clarke's view, because it treats matter as purely passive and subjects it to the intervention of God, leads to a diminished view of God and, by being associated with a false conception of substance, "could open the door to Spinozism or to a materialist view of the mind" (p.
To the extent that they have any cultural and political impact, it will be to encourage a false conception of business and capitalism and a corresponding propensity to support government controls.
It's a false conception that fresh pasta is better than dried.
Public works professionals like the readers of PUBLIC WORKS know this is a false conception. What differentiates low bid from lowest effective bid is the expertise engineers write into the specifications and bid guidelines.
He concluded: "I believe Hanns Eisler has arrived at this fundamentally false conception because he has a false, unpatriotic, anti-patriotic conception of German history and a false conception of the further development of realism under present conditions, a conception which is based on a negation of the classics" (p.
In the desert, the traveler might lose illusion of identity, one's false conception of his/her persona as Baaijens did.
He accused Duterte, the AFP and the supporters of mandatory ROTC of wanting to reduce Filipino youth-students as mere followers of rules under a false conception of nationalism.
Mandel, however, challenges this false conception and narrative through arguing that both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and all the other conflicts in the Middle East have been shadowing local parameters and factors that might have been playing a substantial role in the formation and maintaining of Jewish-Muslim interactions and relations in the world.
"When not properly accounted for, the effect of the solar motion may lead to a false conception of the true character of stellar motions.
Finally, how has Kairos Palestine worked against the false conception that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is religious and not political?