False declaration

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What can happen if a declaration submitted into court is mainly false statements? Can a person be held responsible or is it an out of court statement in which nobody is held reliable?


The person can be found in contempt and jailed or fined.
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Container loads of Indian produced items are being routed through UAE with false declaration or smuggled across our border and coast guard check-posts and crossings along our border with Iran or Afghanistan and coast line.
PESHAWAR -- A Peshawar High Court bench on Wednesday dismissed a petition seeking the disqualification of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MNA Murad Saeed on multiple grounds, including a false declaration in his nomination papers and non-payment of hostel dues when he was a university student.
Also, in a 2012 internal memo, the law firm's compliance officer noted that Aziz had been accused by the opposition of false declaration of assets, corruption and misappropriation of funds.
It is hereby declared that having failed to disclose his un-withdrawn receivables constituting assets from Capital FZE Jebel Ali, UAE in his nomination papers filed for the General Elections held in 2013 in terms of Section 12(2)(f) of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 (ROPA), and having furnished a false declaration under solemn affirmation respondent No.
Robert Prudham further denied fraud between September 10, 2013, and February 2, 2014, by making a false declaration to Folkestone-based Red Eagle Recruitment Specialist - by saying he was of good character and had no criminal convictions.
Their selection and release of salary shall be subject to verifications of degrees and other documents and this letternotification shall not have any right or claims in case of cancellation of selection due to false declaration with regard to academic and other documents.
He added: "And whilst making that false declaration [she] had gone on holiday to New York.
Nigeria's court of appeal rejected a bid Friday from the senate president seeking to squash his corruption trial for alleged false declaration of assets.
Acts that breach the law include the declaration of insurable earnings lower than their real amount, failure to submit declaration, the submission of false declaration, the destroying or concealment of accounting documents and registers.
Article 11 stipulates that a Kuwaiti national loses his Kuwaiti nationality if he holds the citizenship of another state while Article 21 states that the Kuwaiti nationality may be revoked if it was obtained by fraud or on the basis of a false declaration or false evidence submitted by a witness.
uk THE DRIVERS ANDREW BARNES, 19, of Howard Street, Sunderland, was charged with dangerous driving and making a false declaration to obtain insurance.
They say Sathre also provided a false declaration and false promissory note to the Bank of Nevis to conceal the source of this transfer and obtained a debit card linked to the foreign account to access funds locally.