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Reece, who attends Green Lane Primary School, in Acklam, was fitted with a false eye, made from plastic, matching in his green iris.
April 9, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Laura Masserant of ENHANCE YOUR LASH has dedicated her work towards creating a false eye lash kit that is easy to use and will give women the salon look and feel they desire at a fraction of the cost.
There was one man who died and his family wanted me to put his false eye back in.
Mr Fathers, who now has a false eye, said the fact that no-one had ever been caught for the attack outside the Hope and Anchor pub, in Hill Street, still left him nervous, and appealed for information to help nail the thugs.
Ian Williamson says wife Sandra fell for technician George Baird - the man who helped fit her new FALSE eye.
I've got to come back and get the false eye fitted in the next few months.
We have to come back to England so that I can get a false eye but it is never going to be the same.
I find it hard to get my make-up on and off and I point blank refuse to wear false eye lashes
And there is an emotional high spot when Stephanie pops on the false eye lashes, blonde wig and one of her mum's full-length performance dresses and sings "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" at the funeral.
Some kind person gave her a set of false eye lashes and she's debating whether to wear them on the trip.