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Dennis's journal pages from that time show the black-and-white checkerboard pattern from her childhood Mother Goose book, patterns from her bathroom tiles, the book jacket of Carlos Castaneda's A Separate Reality (1971), narrow doors, false fronts, ziggurats, palm trees.
Phillips, whether he understands it or not, is a foot soldier in this GOP's false front.
Rourke, 58, is going to extraordinary lengths to bridge the 22-year age gap between them, having two false front teeth removed to increase the resemblance, but Thomas insists there is more to the portrayal than looks.
Having digested the success story of Pak Army in Swat and South Waziristan with a pinch of salt, Gen Singh put up a false front by asserting that Indian Army is no less dynamic and has performed equally well in Kashmir.
Coe added there was a spade in his garden with a hidden camera in it and a separate washing machine with a false front, inside of which were tapes recording what was going on in the house.
They'll find out sooner or later the price for that false front.
Perhaps you have inadvertently exposed the false front that "Dave" Cameron is trying his very best to promote.
I am now of advanced years, being 60 in November, and I now have a false front tooth on a plate in my mouth.
Nearly every ag publication this winter is wrapped by a false front cover with an advertising message.
SOME people put on a false front - but inside they're struggling with brokenness, guilt, doubt or an addiction or other persistent sin.
They have false front pockets, and legs designed to accommodate catheters and leg bags.
Beloved by townspeople and tourists alike, the town's La Parroquia Church has been cited for having "the world's finest false front," thanks to those pseudo-Gothic, Disneyesque pilasters, spires and steeples that embellish its peculiar pink-and-tan facade.