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If you want me to comment on false front covers then forget it.
You don't have to be a political scientist to see that these voter identification laws are really a false front the GOP has launched in its fight against President Barack Obama, who benefited greatly in 2008 from a flood of new voters through his campaign's aggressive voter registration drives.
SOME people put on a false front - but inside they're struggling with brokenness, guilt, doubt or an addiction or other persistent sin.
Key to the new High Assurance certificates is a standardized process across Certificate Authorities for verifying information that will include: verifying the organization's identity; verifying that the would-be purchaser has the legal authority to make the SSL certificate request for that organizational entity; and confirming that the entity is a legitimate business, not a shell or false front entity.
910MY teeth are painted nicotine-stained yellow and I"m given a large false front tooth.
build a false front Wednesday in Cottage Grove in preparation for Bohemia Mining Days.
But while picking at the card slot, Miss Costelloe discovered a false front had been placed over the original, with two metal probes inserted inside the machine to catch inserted cards .
What distresses me in this otherwise thoughtful article is that once again the real cause that inspires this practice of attitude-assertion remains cunningly concealed behind a false front.
With this second reference to lynching in the novel, Morrison demonstrates again what a false front lynching is because the almost-lynched Blue, Cholly's father-figure, is the antithesis of the stereotype of black brute/buck upon which the justification for lynching relied.
In fact, Smithy just wanted his two false front teeth which Ronnie kept in his pocket, wrapped in a bandage
Various high-profile stars have lobbied Congress and the American people to hide the destruction of babies, in their embryonic form of development, behind a false front of medicinal gain," Brown said in statement.
Speaking to reporters after his meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Badruddin said that the violence was only a false front to rid the area of non-Bodos.