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However, Tinder CEO Sean Rad pointed that these famous people weren't necessarily fielding an endless stream of matches, Tech Crunch reports.
Dot Forster, 57, from Fenham, said: "It's hard to think because there are so many famous people.
Famous people are often extremely insecure, damaged, thick, or all of the before - if any of them ever do anything praiseworthy, it's pretty much a miracle.
Since the launch of MEMMENTO's beta version people were creating memorials and paying their respect to famous people such as Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees or the "Queen of Disco" Donna Summer on a mass scale.
So thank the Lord for TV3, who somehow managed to snag some properly famous people for this cracking new series.
I''m certain many people of North Wales remember him well, and he should be included in the list of famous people from our area.
The goal of semantic study was to determine whether the ability to recall names of famous people decreases with age, since the condition named anomia ranks among the most common complaints from the elderly.
Daniel said: "Peter Andre and David Mitchell were there too -it was amazing to meet so many famous people.
He is on the list of Famous People Who Stutter on the website of The Stuttering Foundation and his inclusion is important because of his following among young people.
We want it to be a little forbidden, like, `Oooh, it's the porn awards, but there's going to be some famous people there.
Really famous people arrive minutes before the show starts.
077871361X) reinforces history with projects ranging from learning to weave a medieval dress to creating a personal coat of arms; Famous People Of The Middle Ages (0778713563) presents biographical sketches of religious and political leaders, scholars and artists, and notable peasants alike, Medieval Medicine And The Plague (077871358X) discusses early medicine and the threat of illness; and Medieval Law And Punishment (0778713601) surveys crimes, legal systems, prisons and punishment.